The Lion King
Welcome to Pride Rock!

Congratulations to SASMS cast of The Lion King! Ms. Ripley and Mrs. Miller are so proud of everyone that auditioned. 

St. Andrew's School of Math and Science presents:

Mufasa: Rigby Hurt                                   Sarabi: Hanna Ismail

Young Simba: Aiden Brown                      Simba: Landon Burn

Young Nala: Eva Risher                             Nala: Molly Jackson

Zazu: Justin Tyler                                       Scar: Symphony Johnson

Banzai: Eliza Adams                                  Shenzi: Amara Buelk

Ed: Grayson Vandall

Timon: Evie Turner                                    Pumbaa: Walker Osteen

Rafikis: Caroline Garner, Louisa Halford, Sofia Ortiz, Naadia Rampersant, Grace Smith

Ensemble Sophie Benton, Ainsleigh Brewer, Brooke Carroll, Micah Edwards, Anna Fox, Lela Gainey, Maia Gainey, Sophia Haefner-Barrs, Emilia Hall, Grace Kerr, Gresham Kinard, Annie Loyd, Gracie Loyd, Gigi Miller, Joshua Miller, Jocelyn Moltzen, Caroline Moore, Caleb Parrish, Rayna Perez, Eve Perlmutter, Russell Perlmutter, Vivian Sechrest, Cate Seyle, Madelyn Snider, Mary Tillman 


Below you will find attachments for the scenes the student will read as well as the music they will sing for the audition. They should be ready to read any part. On Circle of Life, please sing Rafiki's part.  On Just Can't Wait to Be King, please sing Simba's part. I have the music for circle of life as well as a lyrics page only attached below.

Just Can't wait to be King.docx
Circle of life.docx 
Lion King Audition material.docx
Circle of life lyrics.docx