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To research is to discover. Discovering takes you places,
gives you new idea
s and teaches you to dream.

Search Engines for Kids

Kids Click is a search tool created for kids by librarians.     
Kids Click

Kid Friendly Search is a fun search tool for kids. It is a site that links to other search sites. 
Kid Friendly Search

Ask Kids is A search site where kids get to ask the questions.
Ask Kids

Internet Public Library -- These are sites you can trust so that you can find information you can trust.
Kidspace at IPL

Sweet Search -- A search engine for students. Each website has been evaluated by experts.
Sweet Search

Kids Search--ToolsOne site where you can search multiple places.
Kids Search

Boolify -- Use Boolean search tools to help you search.

To begin your research:
  • Have a plan 
  • Carry out your plan 
  • Share what you discovered with others. 
Big 6 for Kids -- Whether you are in the first grade or the fifth grade, this site can help you plan a project. Actually this can help you make all kinds of decisions.  
Big 6 for Kids
Pathways to Knowledge -- Learn the steps in planning and organizing a project at this site. You will like the presentation.
Pathways to Knowledge

Kids Connect Research Toolbox -- This is a very simple 4-step process that young students can use as they begin to do research.
Kids Connect Research Toolbox

How to do Research -- This is a wonderful visual help for doing research from the Kentucky State Virtual Library. This is one of the best sites on this topic. It is really fun and helpful.
How to do Research