April 2014  
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   Apr 20 2014
   Students Return from Spring Break
   Apr 21 2014
   CICI's Spirit Night
   Apr 22 2014
   Earth Day
   Apr 22 2014
   Administration Professional's Day
   Apr 23 2014


April....Humility: Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve
Animal: School of Herring
Color: Purple

SASMS Science Winners
sc. fair
1.  Zachary Conley              
2.  Savannah Graham          
3.  Maya Spencer                 
1.  Olivia Poteat                    
2.  Piper Wood                     
3.  Gabriel Parrish                 
1.  Claire Teed                       
2.  William Connelly               
3.  Thomas Tillman                 
1.  Peter Holtzhausen            
2.  Hali Arrington                   
3.  John Singletary                
1.  Emma Lavender
2.  Cain Kopsak
3.  Ross Nebitt
1.  Erin Cook
2.  Andrew Madsen
3.  Michael Houmard
1.  Anna Temples
2.  Cooper Kopsak
3.  Alex Davis
1.  Liam Atkinson
2.  Jackson Hudson-Jacoby
3.  Talia Jerideau

Dear St. Andrew's Math and Science Family,

I hope everyone had a restful, rejuvenating summer!  I  attended the SCFI American Wilderness Leadership Retreat in Wyoming.  I did not get to see a bear, but I did come face to face with a young adult Moose! I am not sure if that experience counts as being rejuvenated, but I definitely felt a new found sense of energy!!more

Dear SASMS Families, Please remember to join the PTA this year! Your support helps SASMS students and teachers achieve their academic goals. Dues for the PTA are $5 or you can bundle PTA, homework planner, and SASMS car sticker for $10! For more information about go to PTA under Quick Links.


Welcome to St. Andrew’s School
of Math and Science!!

We can’t wait to have you as a part of our wonderful family!

Please click the following links for important information about school, supplies, and our uniform policy. For information about our magnet status, please click “magnet info” on the menu bar.

Opening School Information
School Supplies
Uniform Policy

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National Board Certification
Posted on 12/04/2013
Congratulations to Laura Kammauf and Wendy Gainey for earning National Board Certification!  more
Questions and Answers
Updated Information on the new St. Andrews School of Math and Science
Posted on 08/02/2012
Question and Answers About the New School  more
SASMS Bingo Night
Music and Arts Festival- Thursday, April 24th
Mrs. Easterby, Classified Employee of the Year
Ezine-Family Internet Magazine
Mrs. Ginny Jones
Meet our 2013-2014 SASMS Teacher of the Year
Meet our SASMS Teacher of the Year  more
Daze Cycle
Earn Cash & Rewards with Fundraising by Recycling
Anti-Bullying Contract
Eight Ways to Help Your Child With Homework

Tips for Test Day

Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast.

Many teachers report that students who don't do well on tests haven't gotten enough sleep, and haven't eaten breakfast on the morning of the test. Doing both of these things will ensure that your child is working at full capacity(Narang, 2008).

Make sure your child is prepared.

Some schools may supply the tools your child needs for the test, such as pencils, an eraser, paper, and a calculator. Others may require the students to bring those materials themselves. Check with your child's teacher to see if you need to provide your child with any of these materials. Also, check to see whether you child will be able to make up the test if she is sick on test day (Narang, 2008). 

Remain positive

Staying calm will help your child stay calm. If she gets nervous about the test or is likely to experience anxiety during the test, help her practice some relaxation techniques that she can try once she's taking the test (Narang, 2008).